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appleton connectors

You can find a wide selection of hard to find and obsolete appleton connectors at ElectricDepot.NET

For example, here is a list of some of the items they currently have in stock.

For the Official Appleton Main Page

UNF200NR Explosion Proof Union Female

UNY200NR Explosion-Proof Union Standard

GRL75 3/4″ Explosion-Proof Conduit Outlet Box

LB77 Appleton 2-1/2 LB CONDUIT BODY

X125M Appleton 1-1/4 MALL X COND BODY X125-M

LB107 Appleton LB 107 4″ Conduit Body

LB27 Appleton 3/4″ LB Conduit Outlet Body LB-27

LB75-M Appleton LB75M 3/4 MALL LB COND BODY

C150-M Appleton C150M 1 1/2″ C Conduit Outlet Body

X150-M Appleton X150M 1-1/2 MALL X COND BODY

appleton liquidtight st connectors

appleton liquidtight st connectors